Maddie Coe promoted to Director of Communications

Maddie Coe


Jun 2019
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Maddie Coe has been promoted to serve as the Director of Communications at Melissa Schools, after serving the district for the last four years under the title of Community Relations.

Ms. Coe earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and strategic communication from the University of North Texas. She has worked in communications and public relations for six years.

Since joining Melissa ISD in 2015, Ms. Coe has implemented communication strategies and processes for the district, and has shaped the digital presence of Melissa Schools through the presentation of the district website and social media network. She designs the district’s annual portfolio and the advertising for school events, and writes the news releases for Melissa Schools.

“It is truly an honor to serve on Team Melissa,” Coe said. “I feel blessed to work alongside a group of educators who have a passion for moving kids forward in life and supporting them along the way. I want to thank Keith Murphy, Dr. Robert Rich, and Kim Boedeker in particular for their leadership and for setting high expectations. It is a joy and a privilege to be able to showcase the culture and progression of Melissa Schools, and our students’ many achievements, through our district communications. I look forward to continuing my part in working to meet the needs of our fast-growing community.”

Superintendent Keith Murphy added, “Maddie is a vital part of our team. She does so many things to keep us all connected. Maddie is a sharp young lady who always strives to keep our families and staff informed about the exciting things that are happening in Melissa Schools.”

Kim Boedeker, Deputy Superintendent, added, “Ms. Coe is at the helm of our websites and our social media, ensuring that all stakeholders see and hear our story. She is constantly evaluating our communication processes and making sure they are supportive to all. Maddie tells our story at Melissa Schools.”

Media Contact:
Maddie Coe, Director of Communications

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