Kindness Week 2018: #CardinalKindness Stories

As part of Kindness Week (May 21-25), the district published this collection of #CardinalKindness Stories that showed how a random act of kindness can make a lasting, positive impact on a person.

Stories were shared by students and staff at Melissa Schools.

Kindness Week Proclamation

Below is a copy of the official proclamation from the City of Melissa declaring May 21-25, 2018 Kindness Week in Melissa, Texas.

Kindness Week Proclamation

“I recently graduated with my Master’s degree and my 7th period class wanted to see it. I showed them some pictures from the ceremony and they gave me a round of applause. I was so excited that my students were proud of me for putting in hard work like they do.”
– Jacob Arvin, Teacher

“I was outside playing on the playground, fell down, and sprained my arm. Isabelle Perez took me inside and helped me get a bandage and ice.”
– Kasen Ozols, Student

“Never have I experienced a community of kindness like that of Melissa Schools. Being new to the community and school district this year I have been blessed to be surrounded by others that have made me feel like I have always been a part of the community. I can’t choose one story as there have been so many this year that include the kind words and actions of community members, co-workers and students. I am so thankful to be a part of Team Melissa. :)”
– Kisha Maurer, Teacher

“Jaxson Cellars saw me working on moving desks around to prepare for STAAR and he jumped right in and started moving desks and chairs for me. It was so nice not having to do it by myself and also to see a student jump in and help without being asked. Jaxson showed awesome leadership and kindness to his teacher.”
– Katrina Molski, Teacher

“I wasn’t having a very good day and didn’t have anyone to play with. One of my friends came up to me and asked if I wanted to play with them. That made me feel really good that I had someone to play with and it made my day happier since I wasn’t having a very good day.”
– Greer Smith, Student

“On a very cold and rainy morning, Mr. Mokler (HME Dad) after dropping his child at school he parked his car and distributed hot chocolate to all the staff on duty outside. His kindness not only warmed our hands but also our hearts. On that day his act of kindness was appreciated by many. #KindnessWeek at HME!”
– Walter Perez, Principal

“In the summer of 2017, I received true kindness. I was given a bag of gummy bag of worms from a stranger, which gave me the boost to be kind towards others, and is still being spread by others!”
– Ryder Granger, Student

“I was kind to help some random people move boxes and their couches from one house to another. Then they asked if I could help them again and I said yes I would help you and I did and it felt real good doing it.”
– Jabray Young, Student

“Oran Abel cheered me up when I was sad about something. Luke Terzian cheers me up.”
– Zachary Berger, Student

“I think most teachers would say that the kids that surprise us the most are sometimes the ones we are pushing the most. I think that’s true of the CTE teachers right now at the high school. We want our kids to get certifications that we know will help them in the workplace. After several weeks of pushing my class to do better, my BIM II class surprised me during Teacher Appreciation Week with a book that had the kindest comments in it. I went home realizing that I’m the lucky one because I get to be their teacher.”
– Lisa Hall, Teacher

“In athletics one morning a bunch of girls were dancing. There was a girl who doesn’t have a lot of friends kind of dancing all by herself off to the side. Payton Wallace called her over to come dance with them. I think it made her happy.”
– Lydia Thompson, Student

“I tripped and fell and Ava Kruze got me when I was falling and she took me to the nurse to see if I was okay.”
– Regan Hartley, Student

“Its always crazy how the littlest smile or kindest of words can make an impactful difference in someones life. I was going through a pretty rough spot in my life, doubting my every move I made, and even starting to push away my friends. It was on a youth group night that my friends made me go, we where talking about how we need to be fearless. It really made me think about my situation I was in. My youth group leader, Mrs. Lane, saw through my hardened face and pulled me aside. She said to me that I have an incredible friend group and I can tell them anything, she made me feel safe and welcomed! She showed me a caring smile, from that point on, my life only got better making better decisions in life and having stronger relationships with friends! That’s my #CardinalKindness Story.”
– Rylee Reddick, Student

“The Kindness Club at the middle school has spread kindness throughout the year. The 6th graders have really played a huge role in making this club a success, bringing enthusiasm to each meeting and activity. They started a “Kindness Journal,” volunteered to clean up the school and help with the Christmas parade, and organized kindness letters at Thanksgiving for all the teachers.”
– Lyssa Broach, Teacher

“Mine is about my friend Tracee B. She has always been there for me and always in the darkest moments, she is my most BEST friend and I hope she will always be. She helped me get through school with kids calling me names.”
– Milani Hollin, Student

“I ran out of gas at a very busy stop light at 380 and 75 in McKinney. A Melissa community member was a few cars behind me and recognized me (I had bought a Cardinal shirt from her a few days earlier to wear to the football games). She stopped, took me to a gas station, took me back to my car, helped me fill my tank, gave me wet wipes to clean the gas off my hands and then waited for me to leave to be sure that I got off and on my way alright!! I couldn’t thank her enough!! Such a kind thing to do at such a stressful moment! I was so very grateful to her!”
– Tanya Thornburg, Instructional Coach

“When I was in the GYM during seventh period we were losing by 6 and with the cheering and support of my teammate and other students I was able to make a comeback to win the game.”
– Jason Anunobi, Student

“Mr. Eckert gave me fist bumps in the hall along with others. He is always being extremely nice to everyone.”
– Paxton Cox, Student

“Rylee Reddick told that your not always all by your self and people may be going through what your going through.”
– Oran Abel, Student

“This year has been a lot of fun for [Melissa High School] student council and we have been able to help our community in many ways. We started the year off by writing hearts for every student that attends Melissa High School. It was a ton of fun having so many people come and help us write and hang them in the hallways. The students loved it and many of them took their hearts home as a keepsake. We also wanted to show the MHS staff the same love that they show us everyday. So during teacher appreciation we made them something everyday; coffee (We love you “latte”), Kit Kats (You deserve a “Break”), cookies (thanks for making us one smart cookie), and a popcorn bar with candy to add to their saltiness. Experiencing the teachers expressions was so much fun. They enjoyed everything so much and told us how special they felt.”
– Leah Tyner, Student

“When I first moved to Melissa I was scared because I didn’t know anyone in school because I had no friends. Many people were eager to meet me and talk to me. All the kindness from people made me very welcome and made me like Melissa was home. I’m very thankful for my friend Nick to take me under his wing and show me his friend.”
– Liam Stone, Student

“I have three MMS library crew students in particular who come in every morning before school starts to help get our library up and running for the day. They help shelve books, straighten and clean the library, boot up computers, and make deliveries, when needed. Their kindness and dedication is truly from the heart. They love the library and love being around books. I am so lucky to have them and our library could not live without Tyler Mathieson, Tristan Mathieson, and Avery Davies. Thank you for all your kindness and dedication to our MMS Library.”
– Cari Montgomery, Librarian

“Whenever I’m feeling sad or not myself, Briana Anderson is the one who always can put a smile on my face and make me feel better even on bad days. She also is always there for me whenever I need her.”
– Jolie Duncan, Student

Kindness Week


What does kindness mean to you?

Follow our social media throughout the week to see how our students define kindness. Share your own definition using the hashtag #CardinalKindness.


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