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Aug 2020
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This information was sent to Melissa ISD parents and guardians via Remind.

We are excited to officially begin the 2020-2021 school year this week at Melissa Schools. We appreciate the amount of patience, flexibility, and feedback that parents and guardians have offered us throughout the spring and summer. Below, we have outlined information that we hope will be helpful to families as we begin our return to school.

We will continue to have hope for brighter days ahead as we navigate this new experience together. Most importantly, we look forward to connecting again with each and every one of our Cardinals.

Cardinals’ First Day of School

All Melissa ISD students begin school on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, with all students learning from home through Schoology. Please make sure that your student logs in to Schoology on Tuesday and completes any assignments available. If you have concerns about logging in to Schoology, please email your student’s teacher. In addition, Schoology student login instructions are posted online at

Note: At this time, we are focused on getting every student logged in to Schoology. At a later date, we expect to share instructions for how parents and guardians can activate their own Schoology account and get connected to their student’s account.


As a reminder, any student who is participating in online learning this year – be it a temporary remote learning situation, or a student who attends 100% virtual school – is required to log in to Schoology, and complete assignments in each course, daily in order to be counted present for attendance.

Campus-Specific Information

Our schools have shared campus-specific information with parents and guardians regarding what the school days will look like this week:

Return-to-School Links

Links to Schoology information, curbside meal kit orders, absence reporting, and general plans and procedures can be accessed at the top of every page of our website in the Return-to-School navigation menu.

Internet/Phone Connectivity Restored

The region-associated internet and phone connectivity issues that impacted our district on Thursday and Friday of last week have been resolved. You can now contact our schools by phone. School phone numbers are posted on each school website.

Note: Email is still a preferred method of contact. Response times will continue to take longer than usual as we settle into the new school year.

School Meals

Curbside meal kits will be available for purchase throughout the year for any Melissa ISD student who is learning online at home. Meal kits must be pre-ordered online by 9:00 a.m. every Wednesday for the following week. To learn more and order curbside meal kits, visit

COVID-19 Reporting

In accordance with TEA guidelines, Melissa ISD has created flow charts that outline protocols in response to students and employees who are lab-confirmed for COVID-19, those with COVID-19 symptoms, and those who have been in close contact with an individual lab-confirmed for COVID-19. These flow charts are available on the Return-to-School website under General Safety Protocols. Click here to view the flow charts.

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Maddie Coe, Director of Communications

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