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Mar 2019
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Below are some frequently asked questions, and answers from the district, regarding the Melissa Ridge Education Center and Melissa elementary schools.

Why are Kindergarten, Pre-K, and PPCD moving to the Melissa Ridge Education Center?
Opening the Melissa Ridge Education Center does all of the following: 1) accommodates our fast-growing elementary student population, 2) makes use of an existing facility, and 3) eliminates the need for additional portable buildings at the elementary schools, for the time being.

What renovations are being made to the Melissa Ridge Education Center?
The Melissa Ridge Education Center previously served as an elementary campus for many years, so the facility is set up to accommodate the needs of elementary education. Some minor renovations and upgrades are being installed to create and maintain a positive learning environment for our incoming Kindergarten, Pre-K, and PPCD students.

Kenny Deel, Executive Director of Operations, adds, “The Melissa Ridge Education Center has been used as an elementary campus. The district will make minor tweaks to accommodate our Pre-K and Kindergarten students. One exciting addition to the campus will be an indoor playground that students and staff can take advantage of during inclement weather.”

Will Kindergarten ever move back to the elementary schools?
The Melissa Ridge Education Center solution will remain in place for a minimum of two years. When our additional elementary schools open, it is highly likely that each elementary school will house students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

What are the plans to build another elementary school?
The district plans to build two new elementary schools. Building a new elementary school is determined by two main factors: 1) continued student population growth and 2) a steady increase in the tax base. Property has been donated to the district in the Willow Wood subdivision for a future elementary school. The district is working on an additional property donation with another developer.

What are the school start and end times for the 2019-2020 school year?
We expect to announce the school hours for 2019-2020 in the near future. Our administrators are involved in ongoing discussions regarding the school start and end times. Factoring into this decision are the operating needs of our transportation department and the number of students enrolling at Melissa Schools.

How can I stay updated on future news and announcements from Melissa Schools?
Bookmark the district website,, and follow Melissa Schools on Facebook (Melissa ISD), Twitter (@MelissaISD), and Instagram (@melissa_schools). News and announcements are also sent to the Anna-Melissa Tribune for publishing.

Upcoming Events

Below are some important upcoming events for Melissa elementary families.

May – Kindergarten Round-Up

  • Parents of children entering Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten are encouraged to attend Kindergarten Round-Up to gather information and complete their student’s enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Kindergarten Round-Up takes place in May.
  • Details are typically announced online and in the newspaper, in late March or early April.

July – Returning Student Registration Opens

  • In July, Returning Student Registration will open for parents of students who are returning to Melissa Schools.

August – School Begins

  • The first day of school is Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019.
  • The school calendar is available on the Calendars and Events page.

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Maddie Coe, Community Relations

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