FAQ: School Meal Accounts & End-of-Year Balances

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May 2020
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If you received an email from MySchoolAccount on May 28, 2020 regarding the end-of-year account balance for your student, please disregard this information. Melissa ISD no longer uses MySchoolAccount, and as of March 2020, has switched to MySchoolBucks.

Below are answers to common questions regarding school meal accounts and end-of-year balances in MySchoolBucks.

Where are my student’s school account funds?

All Melissa ISD student account balances – whether positive or negative – were transferred over from MySchoolAccount to MySchoolBucks in March 2020.

Why does the MySchoolBucks balance look different from the MySchoolAccount balance?

MySchoolAccount shows a “frozen” dollar amount that each student had in their account when Melissa ISD transitioned to MySchoolBucks in March 2020. All account balances were transferred over in March, and since then, all students’ transactions have been logged in MySchoolBucks only.

What happens with end-of-year balances in MySchoolBucks?

All positive balances in MySchoolBucks will transfer over to the next school year. If your student moves to a different Melissa ISD school, their account and student ID follow them. All negative balances must be paid by June 30, 2020 and can be paid through MySchoolBucks.

How can I learn more about school meals and my student’s account?

Visit the Child Nutrition page and read the MySchoolBucks FAQs.

Questions regarding MySchoolBucks can be directed to Taylor Lovera, Director of Child Nutrition, at

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