Everyone Can Code: Teachers pilot Apple coding program at Melissa Schools


Sep 2019
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Eleven teachers at Melissa Schools have earned their first Apple Teacher Badge as part of the Everyone Can Code pilot program.

Coding is a form of computer programming that builds a student’s skills in the areas of logical thinking, sequencing, and design, in addition to helping the student strengthen their ability to stick to a task until it is complete. Melissa ISD is piloting Apple’s Everyone Can Code program for Kindergarten through 12th grade students. In the program, students will learn to code in a way that is fun and integrated into their core thinking skills.

Coding in the Classroom

The tweets below from Melissa elementary teachers, Rachel Bardach and Shawna Nicholson, show students learning coding basics using iPads at school.

Teacher participants in the pilot program include: Gabriela Axworth, Rachel Bardach, Doug Bingman, Hillary Croissant, Josie Figard, Shawna Nicholson, Chesnee Ozols, Michael Simpson, Tanya Thornburg, Audrey Wilson, and Samantha Yarbrough. The teachers completed their initial training in August, led by Apple representative Maria Henderson.

Media Contact:
Maddie Coe, Director of Communications

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