Contact Information

Adrienne Cockerham
Academic Language Therapist
North Creek Elementary

Michelle Harrison
Certified Academic Language Therapist
Harry McKillop Elementary

Angie Heard
Academic Language Therapist
Harry McKillop Elementary

Tammy Murphy
Certified Academic Language Therapist
Melissa Middle School/Melissa High School

Brooke Roberts
Academic Language Therapist
Melissa Ridge Education Center/North Creek Elementary

Christina Stover
Section 504 Campus Coordinator
Melissa High School

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Dyslexia Photo 
From the Region 10 Educational Service Center: “For parents of children with Dyslexia, it is difficult to watch their child struggle to do what others may take for granted…read. In recent years, research – as well as mainstream media – has started to highlight the challenges faced by those with dyslexia and how some of the challenges of having this disability can build strengths that allow individuals to make outstanding contributions to various fields.”

The Region 10 Educational Service Center maintains an outstanding monthly blog about Dyslexia and related issues. To follow the blog, visit, select the @10 choice in the upper right hand corner to access the R10 blogs, and select the Dyslexia Digest blog. This is a great place to read up-to-date articles and research in the field.

“Because I’m Dyslexic” is a short video that was put together by Dyslexic Advantage:

1 in 5 is a resource for both students with dyslexia and for families of dyslexic students – it provides a platform for stories to be told.

The Read & Write Web App is a toolbar that interacts with your web content, providing text-to-speech, translation, definitions with audio and pictures, and highlighting tools. Read & Write for Google Docs is a Chrome extension to make your Google Documents accessible, currently available for free in the Chrome Web Store.

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