Appeals, Furlough & Exiting

Appeal Process

A parent or student may appeal any final decision of the selection committee regarding selection for or an exit from the gifted program. Appeals shall be made first to the selection committee. Any subsequent appeals shall be made in accordance with FNG(LOCAL) beginning at Level Two.


The District may place on furlough any student who is unable to maintain satisfactory performance or whose educational needs are not being met within the structure of the gifted and talented program.  A furlough may be initiated by the District, the parent, or the student. In accordance with administrative regulations, a furlough shall be granted for specified reasons for a specified period of time. At the end of a furlough, the student may re-enter the gifted program, be placed on another furlough, or be exited from the program.


The District shall monitor student performance in the program. If at any time the selection committee determines it is in the best interest of the student and his or her educational needs, the committee may exit a student from the program. If a student or parent request removal from the program, the selection committee shall meet with the parent before honoring the request.

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