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School Delays & Closures

In the event that there is inclement weather in the area that leads to potentially hazardous road conditions, a delayed opening or full day closure may be necessary at Melissa Schools. Visit the School Delays & Closures page for more information on the notification process.

Advertising on School Premises

Advertising and marketing materials from local businesses and organizations shall not be displayed or distributed on school premises without prior approval by the Communications department, in accordance with the Melissa Schools Board of Trustee policy GKDA(LOCAL).

Please see the links below for more information and instructions on how to request approval.

Public Information Requests

The Communications department handles all public information requests for the district. All requests for public information are handled in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code §552.001. Please refer to the overview, linked below, distributed by the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

Requests for public information should be submitted in writing by fax, email, U.S. mail, or in person. This procedure allows the Community Relations department to accurately document the date each request is received and respond in writing within the required time period of ten (10) business days. Documents which are deemed public information will be made available for review and/or retrieval. For those persons requesting copies of the information, the district charges per Melissa Schools Board of Trustee policy ( GBAA, Exhibit).

Requestors may submit a public information request using one the following channels:

  • Mail a request to 1904 Cooper Street, Melissa, TX 75454 to the attention of Communications.
  • Fax a request to 1-469-729-7734 to the attention of Maddie Coe, Public Information Officer.
  • Electronically submit a request via email to Maddie Coe, Public Information Officer, at

Media Attribution

Photographs featured on the Melissa Schools website were captured by district or student photographers, are royalty-free, or are displayed with permission from the owner.

Many thanks to the team at Buzz Photos for donating portrait and action photos for Athletics, Cheerleading, and Band.

Various vector designs courtesy of Flaticon and FreePik.

Royalty free music used in videos courtesy of Bensound.

If you have a concern about a resource that we have used in our Communications, please contact Maddie Coe, Director of Communications, at


Dr. Debi Crawford

Dr. Debi Crawford
Executive Director of Technology & HIRE Education

Phone 972-837-2411

Sarah Dezern


Maddie Coe
Director of Communications

Phone 972-837-2411

Community Partnerships

Duke Sparks
Director of Community Partnerships

Phone 972-837-2411


Austin Hall
Systems Administrator

Phone 972-837-2411

Chris Mueller
Database Administrator

Phone 972-837-2411

Ismael Lopez
Desktop Support Technician

Phone 972-837-2411

Josh Steward
Desktop Support Technician

Phone 972-837-2411

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