Spotlight on CTE

Information Technology

Computer Systems & Security – Building, Programming & Networking

There’s much that goes on so that our computers function properly in our everyday lives. Melissa High School juniors, Judson Greer and Damian Weidemann, break down some key areas of study in our Computer Programming, Computer Maintenance, Networking and Cybersecurity classes – all of which are part of the Career and Technical Education program at Melissa Schools.

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Yearbook & Newspaper

Using Digital Media for 21st Century Communications

Melissa High School sophomore, London Tegerdine, reports for The Banner-News website, helps design The Legacy Yearbook, and competes on the UIL journalism team. From photography to layout design and interviewing her fellow students for news stories, London shares what it’s like to be a part of these industry-focused communications programs.

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Yearbook and Newspaper are courses in our Career & Technical Education program and will fall under the Mass Communication umbrella in the upcoming school year.

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Dollars & Sense

Prepping Students for Future Money Matters

Melissa High School sophomore, Eliana Jones, took Dollars & Sense last semester. She didn’t know what to expect, but as it turned out, she learned how to save her money, what a paycheck looks like, and how to navigate a job interview. Dollars & Sense is an entry course in our Career & Technical Education program.

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