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The Melissa CTE program provides a school culture that values career preparation as an integral part of the complete education process.

Students are presented with opportunities for exploration through career pathways that offer multiple options for careers, from the entry level to those requiring doctoral degrees.

Each career pathway is matched with a Career Tree, providing students with a visual of the multiple levels of career options that each high school program foundation can provide to them.

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Students may utilize career skills and connections acquired in high school to obtain entry level employment upon graduation. Students may then utilize entry level skills and initial employment to gain experience in the field, earn additional industry certifications that lead to additional career paths, or provide a living wage income as they pursue higher education in a related or completely different field of study.


To inspire students to discover a clear pathway to a happy, productive professional life.


The mission of the Melissa CTE Program is to cultivate potential through rigorous classroom instruction infused with work-based experiences that open multiple pathways that prepare students for the challenges of post-secondary education and a globally competitive workforce.

Contact Information

Debi Crawford
Executive Director of Technology and HIRE Education

Phone 972-837-2411

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Pathways & Courses

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Entry Courses

Students are required to take all of the following prerequisite courses as they begin their chosen high school pathway.

Business Information Management

Instructors: Linda Gonzalez & Kathy Barton

BIM Career Tree

Professional Communications

Instructor: Eric Benton

Professional Communications Career Tree

Dollars & Sense

Instructor: Lisa Hall

Dollars & Sense Career Tree

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Architecture, Construction, Transportation & Distribution

Prerequisite Courses: Business Information Management (BIM), Professional Communications, Dollars & Sense

Architecture & Construction

Located at the Princeton CATE Center


HVAC Career Tree

Transportation & Distribution

Located at the Princeton CATE Center

Automotive Tech
Advanced Automotive Tech

Auto Tech Career Tree

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Business & Industry

Prerequisite Courses: Business Information Management (BIM), Professional Communications, Dollars & Sense

Fashion Design

Instructor: Amy Tyner

Fashion Design I (Fr/So/Jr/Sr)
Fashion Design II (So/Jr/Sr)

Capstone: Entrepreneurship

Fashion Design Career Tree

Audio/Video Production

Instructor: Doug Bingman

Audio/Video Production I (Fr/So/Jr/Sr)
Audio/Video Production II (So/Jr/Sr)

Capstone: Entrepreneurship

AV Production Career Tree

Graphic Design

Instructor: Dustin Clark

Graphic Design I (Fr/So/Jr/Sr)
Graphic Design II (So/Jr/Sr)

Capstone: Entrepreneurship

Graphic Design Career Tree

Commercial Photography

Instructor: Nicole Sanders

Commercial Photography I (Fr/So/Jr/Sr)
Commercial Photography II (So/Jr/Sr)

Capstone: Entrepreneurship

Commercial Photography Career Tree

Newspaper & Yearbook

Instructor: Nicole Sanders

Newspaper/Yearbook I (Fr/So/Jr/Sr)
Newspaper/Yearbook II (So/Jr/Sr)

Capstone: Entrepreneurship

Newspaper & Yearbook Career Tree

Business Management & Marketing

Instructor: Lisa Hall

Advertising & Social Media

Capstone: Entrepreneurship

Marketing Career Tree

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Information Technology

Prerequisite Courses: Business Information Management (BIM), Professional Communications, Dollars & Sense

Computer Programming

Instructor: Doug Bingman

Principles of Cybersecurity
Computer Programming I

Capstone: Computer Programming II or Networking

Computer Programming Career Tree

Computer Maintenance & Networking

Instructor: Chris Mueller

Principles of Cybersecurity
Computer Maintenance

Capstone: Computer Programming I or Networking

Computer Networking Career Tree

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Public Service

Prerequisite Courses: Business Information Management (BIM), Professional Communications, Dollars & Sense

Law Enforcement

Instructor: Marletta Scribner

Law Enforcement I (Fr/So/Jr/Sr)
Law Enforcement II (So/Jr/Sr)

Capstone: Criminal Investigation

Law Enforcement Career Tree


Located at the Princeton CATE Center

Cosmetology I (Jr)
Cosmetology II (Sr)

Capstone: Practicum

Cosmetology Career Tree

Health Science

Instructor: Hallie Venner

Principles of Health Science (So/Jr/Sr)
Health Science Theory (Jr)

Capstone: CNA, Pharmacy Tech, or Medical Assisting

Health Science Career Tree

Counseling & Child Development

Instructor: Amy Tyner

Counseling (Fr/So/Jr/Sr)
Child Development So/Jr/Sr)

Capstone: Practicum

Counseling & Child Development Career Tree

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Prerequisite Courses: Business Information Management (BIM), Professional Communications, Dollars & Sense

Robotics & Engineering

Instructor: Rick Gagarin

Principles of Engineering (Fr/So/Jr/Sr)
Robotics I (Fr/So/Jr/Sr)
Robotics II (Jr/Sr)

Capstone: Engineering Design & Problem Solving

Robotics & Engineering Career Tree

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Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) are integral parts of a vibrant CTE program. CTSOs enable CTE teachers to embed leadership skills, business partnerships and career direction into curriculum. Students discover opportunities to serve, create, solve, compete, and to be a part of a team.


Melissa High School students officially started a SkillsUSA Chapter in 2016. For more information, please contact the SkillsUSA Sponsor, Doug Bingman at


The Melissa High School Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) is the place for students to expand upon the learning opportunities offered in the classroom. HOSA is not a club; it is an organization that promotes career opportunities in health care and supports young people who plan to pursue a health career.

Visit the HOSA Website


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