Community partnerships, CTE program developments continue at Melissa Schools

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May 2018
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For the last two years, Melissa ISD has worked in conjunction with the City of Melissa to develop the Melissa Sports Facility.

Along with development of the facility came the newly-formed private partnership Melissa Sports, LLC. On the advisory board are two Melissa Schools representatives: Duke Sparks, Director of Athletic Operations and Community Partnerships, and Dr. Debi Crawford, Executive Director of Technology and H.I.R.E. Education.

The inclusion of Sparks and Crawford in this partnership will aid in the development of the Melissa ISD Career and Technical Education (CTE) program.

“I am so very pleased with the continued collaboration between the city and schools,” said Superintendent Keith Murphy. “It’s been a priority of mine to work with our school board to create innovative streams of revenue and support for our students. Our school board encourages thinking outside of the box, and with that, has collectively supported the work of Mr. Sparks and the hiring of Dr. Crawford. This is the first of many great things that will develop in the next few years for our students, city, and community.”

Mr. Sparks expressed his appreciation for the Board of Trustees and for the opportunity to work in community partnerships.

“I look forward to working with Dr. Crawford who brings tremendous expertise in the field of CTE,” Sparks added. “In doing so, we will work with the city and this private partnership, which includes individuals that have a passion for the success of the CTE program, facilities, and students of Melissa Schools.”

Media Contact: Maddie Coe, Community Relations

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