Cardinals, community members commended at May Board of Trustees meeting


May 2017
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Standout students and faculty from Melissa Schools, along with members of the community, were celebrated during Cardinal Commendations at Monday night’s Board of Trustees meeting. Harry McKillop Elementary students Kyle DiFloria and Nevaeh Howard led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Pledge at the start of the meeting.

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Cardinal Commendations: May 15, 2017

Art Student Awards:

  • Harry McKillop Elementary (presented by Barbara Strickland):
    • Quinn Goodman
    • Gage Carthel
    • Zella Clark
    • Charles Webster
  • Melissa Ridge Intermediate (presented by Carla Wade):
    • Chloe Brand
    • Destiny Rios
    • Kara Moore
  • Melissa Middle School (presented by Monica Noel):
    • Micah Berger
    • Rylie Morrow
  • Melissa High School (presented by Julie Michelle Cruce-Malone & Dustin Clark):
    • Zada Day
    • Celeste Hantson
    • Sarah Weideman
    • Katerley Wilson

Boys Athletes & Coaches Awards:

  • Travis Roberson
  • Elijah Mackey
  • Cole McCraw
  • Gunnar Murphy
  • Ja’Bray Young

Girls Athletes & Coaches Awards:

  • Rick Gagarin – Wrestling
    • Makayla Watson
    • Alyssa Rose
  • Ted Mackey – Track
    • Bryanna Hernandez
    • Gill Gray
    • Erin Eichel
    • Natalie Courtney
    • Ashanti Johnson
    • Maddie Kane
    • Priscilla Adejokun
    • Karrington Lewis
  • Heather Lane – Basketball
  • Manuel Avila – Soccer
  • Lady Cardinals Basketball Team
  • Lady Cardinals Soccer Team

Program Awards:

  • Academic All-State Cheerleaders (presented by Michelle Cruce-Malone)

Melissa High School Staff Awards (presented by Ted Mackey):

  • Linda Gonzalez
  • Heather Lane

Melissa Middle School Student & Staff Awards:

  • Keegan Maynard
  • Sam Davis
  • Josh Howard
  • Charlie Burke
  • Madison Courtney
  • Ditza Najera Gonzalez
  • Elizabeth Reynoso
  • Hannah Noneman
  • Jerad Castor
  • Johnny Hodge

Melissa Ridge Intermediate Student Awards:

  • Mia Aoyama
  • Wil McCraw

Harry McKillop Elementary Student, Staff & Community Awards:

  • Stran Hartman
  • Gavin Barbee
  • Kinley Cubero
  • Sarah Stapel
  • Lindsay Jedlowski
  • Connie Thompson

Photo Gallery

See the photo gallery below for images from the meeting.

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