Cardinal Commendations: September 18, 2017


Sep 2017
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Standout students and faculty from Melissa Schools were celebrated during Cardinal Commendations at Monday night’s Board of Trustees meeting. Harry McKillop Elementary students Brady Haynie and Everett Cannon led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Pledge.

While commending each campus for high attendance, Superintendent Keith Murphy announced two “firsts” for Melissa High School: the school’s highest grade level attendance for the last month was 9th grade at 99.07%, and the school’s overall attendance ranked second at 98.37%, barely trailing Melissa Middle School’s overall attendance percentage of 98.41%.

Attendance commendations are given out at each board meeting, and percentages for each school are listed below.

Cardinal Commendations: Sept. 18, 2017

Harry McKillop Elementary Student Awards:

  • Journey Kincannon
  • Regan Lipsett

Melissa Ridge Intermediate Student Awards:

  • Angelina Ayala
  • Deacon Ashley
  • Izabel Ortiz

Melissa Middle School Staff Awards:

  • Amanda Hardy

Melissa High School Staff Awards:

  • Stacy Wilson
  • Venus Malone

Mighty Cardinal Band Student Awards:

  • Cale Hayes

Attendance Awards:

  • HME – 1st grade @ 98.5%
  • MRI – 4th grade @ 98.29%
  • MMS – 6th grade @ 98.72%
  • MHS – 9th grade @ 99.07%

Highest Campus Attendance:

  • MMS @ 98.41%

Photo Gallery

See the photo gallery below for images from the meeting.

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