Cardinal Commendations: Oct. 21, 2019


Oct 2019
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Secondary students and staff of Melissa Schools were celebrated at the Board of Trustees meeting on Oct. 21, 2019 as they each received a Cardinal Commendation. A full list of honorees and photos from the evening are featured below.

Melissa Middle School Awards

  • Kathy Erickson
  • Andrew Baxley
  • Heidi Thompson
  • Tia Curry
  • Sasha Blankenship
  • Kelsi Benford
  • Christie Weaver

Melissa High School Awards

  • Bryton Wright
  • Jennifer Gressett
  • Sandy Ballard
  • Roy Ehrlich
  • Denise Pope
  • Beverly Harwell
  • Stacy Needham
  • Debra Kennedy
  • Kathy Barton
  • Jose Mendez
  • Dr. Andrew Parker

Board of Trustees Awards

  • Keith Murphy
  • Dr. Robert Rich
  • Kim Boedeker

Keith Murphy, Dr. Robert Rich, and Kim Boedeker with the Melissa Schools Board of Trustees

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