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Cardinal Commendations: November 13, 2017


Nov 2017
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Standout students and faculty from Melissa Schools were celebrated during Cardinal Commendations at Monday night’s Board of Trustees meeting. Harry McKillop Elementary students Brielle Hamer and Jeremiah Fairbourn led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Pledge.

Students from MMS Performing Arts performed “Books Can Show You The World”, which they debuted at the Melissa Reading Festival earlier this month.

Cardinal Commendations: Nov. 13, 2017

Harry McKillop Elementary Student & Staff Awards:

  • Colby Lanz
  • Jasmine Siriba
  • Alyssa McClure
  • Deborah Popour

Melissa Ridge Intermediate Student Awards:

  • Jesse Contreras
  • Morgan Cobb
  • Caleb Hoffmann

Melissa Middle School Student & Staff Awards:

  • MMS Performing Arts
  • Lisa Lakey

Melissa High School Staff Awards:

  • Annette Hernández
  • Brett Gustaveson
  • Jennifer Glory
  • Travis Pickup

Boys’ Cross Country State Qualifiers:

  • Judson Greer
  • Jackson Scribner
  • Blake Chaloupka
  • Lucas Tauch
  • Ty Graham
  • Carson Ross
  • Dain Miller

Girls Cross Country State Qualifier:

  • Alison Kocsis

Attendance Awards:

  • HME – 3rd grade @ 97.78%
  • MRI – 5th grade @ 97.89%
  • MMS – 6th grade @ 97.79%
  • MHS – 9th grade @ 97.91%

Highest Campus Attendance:

  • MRI @ 97.78%

Photo Gallery

See the photo gallery below for images from the meeting.

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