Cardinal Commendations: Nov. 18, 2019

Laurel Ross, Coy Hackman, MJ Robinson, and Jason Granger


Nov 2019
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Elementary students and staff of Melissa Schools were celebrated at the Board of Trustees meeting on Nov. 18, 2019 as they each received a Cardinal Commendation. A full list of honorees and photos from the evening are featured below.

Liam Montalta and Olivia Ahlstedt Lead Pledges

Liam Montalta and Olivia Ahlstedt led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Pledge at the Board of Trustees meeting on Nov. 18, 2019.

Melissa Ridge Education Center Awards

  • Coy Hackman
  • MJ Robinson
  • Kristy Cowart
  • Allie Rosier
  • Misti Kusano
  • Lauren Graue
  • Michelle Harrison
  • Tawny Wilson
  • Christi Gideon
  • Carla Rosenburg
  • Hussein Jabai

North Creek Elementary Awards

  • Gianna LaFontaine
  • Hailey Amin
  • Elisabeth Meyers
  • Stacy Branam

Harry McKillop Elementary Awards

  • Megan Waite
  • Corbin Scanland
  • Melodie Diessner
  • Alyssa McClure

Campus Attendance Awards

  • Melissa High School: 9th grade @ 96.93%
  • Melissa Middle School: 6th grade @ 97.70%
  • North Creek Elementary: 2nd grade @ 97.61%
  • Harry McKillop Elementary: 2nd grade @ 98.06%

Highest Campus Attendance Award

  • Harry McKillop Elementary @ 97.59%

For access to the high resolution versions of these photos, please contact Maddie Coe, Director of Communications, at

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