Cardinal Commendations: March 18, 2019


Mar 2019
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Standout students and faculty from Melissa Schools were celebrated at the Board of Trustees meeting on March 18, 2019 as they each received a Cardinal Commendation. The list of recipients and photos are featured below.

Middle School Commendation Recipients

Commendation recipients from Melissa Middle School.

Melissa Middle School Awards

  • Chris Phelps
  • Debbie Duguid
  • Samantha Yarbrough
  • Kimberly Slater

High School Staff Commendation Recipients

Staff commendation recipients from Melissa High School.

High School Cheerleading Competition Team

Students from the Melissa High School cheerleading competition team.

Melissa High School Awards

  • Frank DePaolo
  • Rebekah Slentz
  • Venus Malone
  • Lisa Drinkwater
  • Hayden Nofziger
  • Hastings Frederick
  • Cheerleading Competition Team & Seniors
    • Autumn Cory
    • Tori Goss
    • Memory Groves
    • Abby Kusano
    • Kamryn Watson

Rusty Cox, Hastings Frederick & Rick Gagarin

Rusty Cox, Hastings Frederick, and Rick Gagarin.

Rusty Cox, Hayden Nofziger & Kyle Dezern

Rusty Cox, Hayden Nofziger, and Kyle Dezern.

Grade-Level Attendance Awards

  • Harry McKillop Elementary: 2nd grade @ 96.97%
  • North Creek Elementary: 4th grade @ 96.87%
  • Melissa Middle School: 6th grade @ 96.87%
  • Melissa High School: 10th grade @ 96.91%

Highest Campus Attendance

  • Harry McKillop Elementary @ 96.54%
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