Attend Session 1 of “College Life; Are You Ready?” this Thursday


Apr 2016
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Parents of Melissa High School seniors are invited to attend College Life; Are You Ready? every Thursday in April at Melissa High School. This event features four sessions designed to help provide answers to questions that typically come up at this time of year regarding college and life associated with college.

Session 1, featuring a Q & A panel with college students, takes place this Thursday, April 7 at 2:18 p.m. in the cafeteria and will last 45 minutes to an hour.

College Life; Are You Ready?

Thursday, April 7 | Student panel: What I wish I knew…

Talk with former Melissa High School students about what they wish they knew before they left for college – everything from how often to get the car oil changed to opening a bank account to how to deal with homesickness to developing good study habits. The conversation will range from the practical to the humorous and encourage you to think about life beyond the classroom.

Tuesday, April 12 | What do professors have to say about incoming freshmen?

You’ll learn plenty from your professors in class, but they can teach you a lot before you ever set foot on campus. Don’t miss this session, which features SMU professor Joe Kobylka, who plays a key role in SMU freshman orientation. He’ll talk about what’s next in the life of a college freshman in a way that appeals to students and their parents alike. (How do we know? Parents and students told us so!)

Thursday, April 21 | What’s your learning style, and why does it matter?

Is every college class just lecture? Just labs? Just reading? It depends. But no matter what a professor’s teaching style, knowing your learning style can make or break your success in the classroom. In this session you’ll discover your personal learning style and how to tailor your study habits to achieve your goals.

Thursday, April 28 | College safety: Keeping it fun but keeping it real

Campus walks, late nights, parties, new people – college brings new freedom. And responsibility. Come hear from a mother and her college-aged daughter about the daughter’s college experiences that challenged her safety and the subsequent lessons she can share with young men and women alike. There will also be some local dads who happen to be police detectives and started their own safety class. Learn how to watch out for yourself and your friends, balancing your new-found freedom with potentially life-saving common sense.

This opportunity was inspired and designed by several parents who wanted to make a difference in the lives of Melissa High School students.

For more information, please contact Kellie Maynard, Melissa Education Foundation Director.

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