a graphic advertising COVID-19 updates for Melissa ISD

Our first week of school was a wonderful start to the new year. That being said, we have had a number of test-confirmed COVID-19 cases reported at our schools, with both students and staff being impacted. 

At this time, school will continue in-person as normal in accordance with the Melissa ISD 2021-2022 COVID-19 Safety Protocols.

Our campus principals and school nurses will continue to evaluate, report, and communicate new COVID-19 cases as required by law. In addition, we have launched a COVID-19 Dashboard to provide even more transparency regarding active COVID-19 cases in the Melissa ISD community.

As we proceed with our in-person school model, we ask for your partnership in continuing to have conversations with your student(s) about the importance of following our COVID-19 safety protocols while at school and on the bus, including:

  1. wearing a mask, if appropriate for them,
  2. practicing frequent handwashing and/or hand-sanitizing,
  3. maintaining distance from others when one or both individuals are not wearing a face mask, when possible, and
  4. reporting to a parent/guardian at home or a trusted adult at school when they are feeling unwell, including if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Additional Reminders:

  • Parents and guardians must screen students in their household for COVID-19 symptoms prior to coming to school each day.

  • Students who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, and/or who have been test-confirmed to have COVID-19, are not permitted to attend school.

  • For additional guidance regarding COVID-19-related absences, please see the Melissa ISD 2021-2022 COVID-19 Safety Protocols ("Student Attendance & Absences Related to COVID-19").

  • For assistance with Schoology (Kindergarten through 12th grade), visit the Schoology Help Center.

The most up-to-date COVID-19 information related to Melissa Schools can be accessed throughout the year at www.melissaisd.org/covid.