Headshot photos of the Melissa Schools Board of Trustees

Melissa ISD joins 1,024 school districts throughout the state in celebrating January as School Board Recognition Month. Members currently serving on the Melissa Schools Board of Trustees include George James, Bruce Minchey, Paul Anderson, Russell Cox, Jason Granger, Dr. Bill Gray, and Omar Landrum.

Superintendent Keith Murphy shared, “There are so many great things that I could say about the Melissa Schools Board of Trustees, but I think the most valued aspect of their collective leadership is that they care for each and every child enrolled at Melissa ISD. Their role as a trustee is not one that these individuals take lightly. To their credit, each member of our board is willing to set aside their individual desires and work to a consensus for what is in the best interest of our schools. I truly believe that they are not concerned with what is easy or popular, but rather what is in the best interest of our students.”

School Board Recognition Month is one way that we as a district and community can extend our appreciation to our school trustees for volunteering their time ensure that Melissa ISD is providing a top-notch educational experience for the students of Melissa. If you encounter a board member during the month of January, or at any time, take a moment to thank them for their continued service and dedication to our schools.

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