Mission, Vision & Core Values


“You are a #DifferenceMaker.”


Melissa ISD will empower ALL students to reach their utmost potential to achieve excellence and life-long success.

District Goals

  1. Provide a high standard of care shaped by the core values: Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, Humility, Hope.
  2. Recruit and retain quality staff that have a passion for the academic and extracurricular success of our students leading to a positive campus culture.
  3. Work with students and parents to develop meaningful experiences that give a competitive edge and an accelerated path to college, career, or military readiness.
  4. Build a culture of academic excellence where students demonstrate mastery of grade level subject matter and continuously improve year after year relative to themselves based on STAAR, EOC, and Common Assessments.
  5. Promote student involvement in extra-curricular and co-curricular programs.
  6. Collaborate with Melissa City Leadership.

Mission Statement

In Melissa ISD, we share the responsibility of growing a community of learners. This requires action from each stakeholder:

“The Students will be active partners in their education. They will be engaged, confident individuals who pursue life-long learning. The Students will demonstrate pride in their community and contribute positively to society.

“The Faculty and Staff will foster the unique development of each child by encouraging independent thought and creativity. Through research, study, and continued education, they will further develop their mastery of their discipline.

“The Parents will partner with faculty, staff, and students to encourage and support the learning process. This partnership will develop through communication and participation at all grade levels.

“The Community will support both academic and extra-curricular activities. By working together with the schools, they will foster a sense of pride by encouraging and celebrating success.

Core Value Statement

Knowing that we are committed to being child centered, we will act with and instill: integrity, loyalty, honesty, humility, and hope.

Integrity – Ability to last over time.

Loyalty – Not to an individual but to the concept in the best interest of students.

Honesty – Tell the truth in a way that does not hurt or divide.

Humility – Understanding we are fallible and to live with grace and dignity.

Hope – Gift to instill in our students and parents that we can build a brighter tomorrow.

Graduate Profile

Graduate Profile

Melissa Schools graduates will excel in the following areas:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Character
  • Effective Problem Solving
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Effective Communication
  • Independence

See Graduate Profile

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