District Committees

Community Task Force

The Community Task Force was a community needs assessment committee that formed ahead of the 2016 Melissa ISD Bond Election. The purpose of the task force was to develop a comprehensive plan to meet the unique needs of our fast-growth district. The task force provided feedback and guidance, establishing a list of priorities valued by our students and community.

Meeting Agendas & Presentations

High School Programmatic Committee

The High School Programmatic Committee – comprised of community members, staff and students – was formed in 2012 to create the identity for Melissa Schools. This committee created a High School Graduate Profile and identified and prioritized the programs to be added to the Melissa High School experience.

List of Committee Participants

Presentation to MISD Board of Trustees

Site-Based Committee

Texas Senate Bill 1, passed in May 1995, established District Site-Based Committees to provide broad based support for schools and to offer decision making and advisory opportunities for staff members, parents, community members, and local business leaders. The Melissa Schools Site-Based Decision Making Committee meets multiple times each school year to review and discuss topics such as the school calendar, staff development, teacher salaries, etc.

Meeting Agendas & Notices

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