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Bluebonnet Voting

Students in 4th and 5th grade were encouraged to read at least five of the 20 Bluebonnet Nominees for 2017-18. Those who took the challenge were invited to the library at the end of January to cast their vote for their favorite Bluebonnet winner. All voters received a voter registration card, an “I Voted!” sticker. Students enjoyed cupcakes and water, and played Bingo for a chance to win candy and free books.

“Date with a Book”

Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade were encouraged to read a wrapped book during the month of February. The wrapped books only gave a few words to describe what was underneath the unknown cover.

This reading activity asked students to possibly try new genres they might not have tried in the past. Students were asked to check out the wrapped book, open it at home, read the book in its entirety, and come back to the library for a short conversation about their mystery book. In turn, students received a sweet treat for their participation.

Book Recommendation Wall

Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade were encouraged to read a book from each of the following genres: fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, informational, and mystery. This reading activity encouraged students to read across the genres and read books they may have never tried, without a good recommendation from their peers. In turn, they took a conversational heart and made a book recommendation using the title of the book, the author, the call number, and a short, descriptive phrase enticing others to read their book. These book recommendations were posted on the outside of the library, so all students could find a plethora of good books their friends were reading. Once completed, students received a sweet treat for their participation.

Western Wonderland Book Fair

For every book purchase made at the Winter Wonderland Book Fair, students received a ticket and were entered into a contest to win a $25 to be used at the book fair and a free big candy cane.

Student Winners
Layton Costilla

Layton Costilla, 4th Grade

Toby Hopson

Toby Hopson, 8th Grade

Students also donated money to All For Books, an organization started by Scholastic Books to help friends in need of good books at our schools as well as other surrounding schools in need. Students raised $589.14. With that, book wishes were granted to many students and books were added to teacher classrooms at Melissa Ridge Intermediate and Melissa Middle School. Teachers who made their wish lists for family night were entered into a teacher drawing to win a basket of free books and prizes.

Teacher Winners
Mrs. Blunt

Mrs. Blunt, Melissa Ridge Intermediate

Mrs. Eckert

Mrs. Eckert, Melissa Middle School

Read Under the Stars

To continue the district #Read2Grow reading imitative, Read Under the Stars came back for a second year in a row. This year was extra special because 150 flashlights were donated by three surrounding Walmarts. The first 150 students at Cardinal Stadium received a free flashlight. Everyone received a free glow band and bookmark.

Parents and students were excited this year, especially since the weather was perfect for outdoor reading under the stars, as they lined up outside the front gates of Cardinal Stadium.

After a short introduction by spotlight students from each campus and our school librarians, the lights went off and the flashlights went on. The stadium lit up with over 300 students and parents who dove into their own books for a new adventure.

All families who came to Read Under the Stars went into a special drawing to receive a free basket of books and prizes. The winning family was the Medina Family. Congratulations!

Medina Family #1
Medina Family #2
More Photos from Read Under the Stars

Teen Read Week – “Unleash Your Story”

Students came into the library for Teen Read Week from Oct. 23-27 to celebrate books and reading with five contests. At the end of the week, the following student winners were announced:

Leila Wormington

“Guess the Pumpkin Weight”
Lelia Wormington, 6th Grade

Rylie Curry

“Guess the Mummy”
Rylie Curry, 8th Grade

Haley Jenkins

“Guess the Candy in the Jar”
Haley Jenkins, 6th Grade

Annalee Hansen

“Create a Bookmark”
Annalee Hansen, 7th Grade

Ella Hart

“Take a Creative Photo”
Ella Hart, 6th Grade

September Summer Reading Participants

Students who completed their Summer Reading Challenge of 800 minutes were brought to the library to celebrate their great accomplishment on Friday, Sept. 15. MRI/MMS students received ice cream, a certificate of completion, a poster, and a bookmark. Oksana Burr, a librarian at the Melissa Public Library, also attended this special event congratulating students on their hard work and dedication over their summer break.

6th-8th grade Summer Reading participants

4th-5th Grade Summer Reading Participants

4th-5th grade Summer Reading participants

6th-8th Grade Summer Reading Participants

Summer Reading Opportunities

Students, don’t forget about our Summer Reading Program. This year all three schools are working with the Melissa Public Library to help encourage and promote summer reading. The summer reading challenge starts Friday, June 9. All you have to do is read 800 minutes between June 9 and Aug. 18. Prizes are given out weekly for each 100 minutes read. Not only will you receive free prizes from the public library, but you will be invited to an ice cream party at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year from your librarian, Mrs. Montgomery.

Summer Reading Challenge Reading Log

Visit the Melissa Public Library website for more details and copies of the reading log to keep track of your reading over the summer.

Visit this post for details on other cool things you can earn for free, just by reading over the summer, and several additional reading challenges that you can choose to take part in. Here is a sneak peek at what this site features:

I look forward to talking with all of you about your summer adventures when you return to school in August. Enjoy reading this summer!

National Poetry Month Winners

Melissa Middle School students were encouraged to participate in three poetry contests to celebrate National Poetry Month in April. The three contests included writing an original poem, using the spines of books to make a spine poem, and creating an original bookmark. Winners received prizes ranging from Bluetooth speakers and books to posters and earbuds.

Original Poem Winners:
  • 1st – Rylei Johnson, 7th grade
  • 2nd – Elon McNeil, 6th grade
  • 3rd – Aubrey Bell, 8th grade

Spine Poetry Winners:

  • 1st – Evan Gepner, 7th grade
  • 2nd – Jonathan Contreras, 7th grade
  • 3rd – Maisy Gustaveson, 6th grade

Bookmark Contest Winners:

  • 1st – Neemah Mureithi, 7th grade
  • 2nd – Zion Downie, 7th grade
  • 3rd – Kaycee Fender, 7th grade

Congratulations to all our winners and all the contestants who participated! As you can see, we have some amazing talent at MMS!

Lights, Camera, Action, READ!

Our next book fair is scheduled for April 10-13 with Family Night on Tuesday, April 11. We hope to see you there!

  • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 7:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 7:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Family Night: 4:30 – 8:00 p.m.)
  • Closed Friday (No School)

Movie Book Winners

Students were asked to read a movie book, talk with Mrs. Montgomery about their book, and in turn earned a ticket to win free prizes. The following students were winners for our January and February 2017 contests.

  • 4th Grade: Britton Talbert and Emma Bejarano
  • 5th Grade: Juan Barrera and Ella Grace Hart
  • 6th Grade: Maddison Alldredge and Kimberly Boyer
  • 7th Grade: Caleb Searcey and Lillian Walker
  • 8th Grade: Rachel Adejokun and Hayden Hutzler

Middle School Students have a “Date” with a book

Date with a Book
Melissa Middle School students celebrate February by choosing a “Date” with an unknown book. Students are asked to read the description of the book and decide whether that book would be a good match. Students, however, cannot judge a book by its cover, since the books are wrapped to conceal their identity. If students take a chance and read the book, they are asked to come back, after reading the entire book, and talk with Mrs. Montgomery. Afterward, students receive a sweet treat and have hopefully enjoyed another great book.

Texas Bluebonnet Voting Celebration

Students in 4th and 5th grade who read at least five the Bluebonnet Nominees and tracked their progress were invited to a special voting celebration on Monday, Jan. 30 with Mrs. Montgomery. Students were given a voter registration card to vote for their favorite Bluebonnet Nominee. They received a completion award along with a bookmark and enjoyed popcorn and ice cream.

4th Grade Bluebonnet Readers
4th Grade Bluebonnet Readers
5th Grade Bluebonnet Readers
5th Grade Bluebonnet Readers

Read a Movie Book

Library Reading Incentives for February

Read a Movie Book: Students in grades 4-8th are encouraged to read a book that has been made into a movie. In addition, they are encouraged to come talk with Mrs. Montgomery about their book. Afterwards, students earn a ticket for a chance to win free prizes. There is no limit to the number of ticket entries. All winners will be announced, Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Rec a Book

Give a Book Recommendation

Students in grades 6-8 are encouraged to read a book, write a book recommendation, and share on the reading wall. Students talk with Mrs. Montgomery about the genre of their book and the reason for recommending their book. In return, students walk away with a good book recommendation and earn a sweet treat.

Six Flags Read to Succeed

Six Flags® Read to Succeed Six Hour Reading Club 2017 Starts Now!

To participate, students in K-6th grade read for fun for a total of 6 hours or 360 minutes. Students can read books, magazines, newspapers, eBooks, or comic books. Reading for homework or a class assignment does not count. Students will log their hours reading with the reading log below and turn in their completed form to their reading teacher no later than Friday, Feb. 24.

Program Information Reading Log

Read Under the Stars

Read Under the Stars Photo
Mrs. Montgomery with Josh Fine and Lydia Thompson at the first annual “Read Under the Stars” event.

NEWS: Melissa families visit Book Fair and “Read Under the Stars”

Teen Read Week

Teen Read Week was a huge success! Students and teachers were eager to participate in all the fun activities while celebrating the joy and love of reading from Oct. 25-28.

Photo Booth Gallery Contest Entries & Winners

NEWS: Melissa Middle School students “Read for the Fun of It”

Contest Winners

Teen Read Week Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following Melissa Middle School students who were the winners of our Teen Read Week contests:

  • Guess the Pumpkin weight without going over: WINNER, 8th grader, Eric Ramirez
  • Guess the Book in the Jar: WINNER, 7th grader, Tevin Galbreath
  • Most Creative Photo: WINNER, 6th grader, Canyon Power
  • Bookmark Contest: WINNER, 8th grader, Annabelle Brown
  • Guess the Mummy: WINNER, 8th grader, Bianca Ruiz

4th & 5th Grade Texas Bluebonnet Reading Challenge

Students are encouraged to read at least five of the twenty Texas Bluebonnet Nominees before the end of January. If they do so, students will be invited to attend a special voting and party celebration in January. Mrs. Montgomery will offer treats and refreshments for our lucky participants while they choose their favorite Texas Bluebonnet Nominee. Pictured: Erin Anderson and Ellie Fowler. Watch Texas Bluebonnet Video

Ellie Fowler, Erin Anderson, Mikayla Coyner, and Laila Newkirk helped in the making a Book Reviews video to promote the Texas Bluebonnet Nominee books.

Library Crew Meeting

Library Crew Member of the Month

This will be our second year to have a Library Crew at Melissa Middle School. An annual meeting was held and some of our returning members spoke about the duties and responsibilities of being in Library Crew.

Pictured: 7th grade students Kasey Fender and Lydia Thompson

September Summer Reading Participants

Students who completed their Summer Reading Challenge of 700 minutes were brought to the library to celebrate their great accomplishment on Friday, Sept. 16. MRI/MMS students received ice cream, certificate of completion, a poster, book mark, bracelet, and two free Sonic ice cream coupons. One of the public librarians, Oksana Burr, also made a visit congratulating our students on their hard work and handed out notebook spirals and pencils.

Summer Reading 2016

Sleigh Bells Book Fair

WHAT: Our Scholastic Sleigh Bells Book Fair & Read Under the Stars
WHEN: Monday, Nov. 28 – Friday, Dec. 2
WHERE: At the MRI/MMS library

  • Monday – Thursday: 7:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday:
    • Family Night – 7:15 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
    • Read Under the Stars (at Cardinal Stadium) – 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Friday: 7:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Students who make a book purchase at the book fair will go into a drawing to free books.

Tuesday is Family Night. Come take a selfie picture in our sleigh, enjoy hot chocolate, and receive book gift wrapping for a small donation. All donations will go towards our friends in need of a good book. Those family and community members that attend the book fair will be entered to win a free gift basket filled with small prizes and books.

After stopping by the book fair, come to Cardinal Stadium with your family, a book, blanket, a flashlight, and “Read Under the Stars” between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. (weather permitting). Learn more. Families who enter will go into a drawing to win a basket of books.

NEW! Online shopping for the Book Fair is available this year. Start holiday shopping as early as Saturday, Nov. 19. Online shopping ends Friday, Dec. 2. All orders will ship free directly to the school and be delivered to your child’s teacher.

Read Under the Stars

Teen Read Week 2016

Teen Read Week Sign

Teen Read Week is Oct. 24-28!

Teen Read Week is a National Literacy Initiative of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA) which has been annually celebrated since 1998. Its purpose is to encourage teens to be avid readers and library users.

This year at MMS, there will be fun activities for teens in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to participate in. Activities will range from a photo booth, Guess that Mummy, Pumpkin Weighing, Bookmark Contest, Book in a Jar, and a Photography Contest.

While enjoying these fun activities throughout the week, students will be encouraged to check-in, check-out, and renew books.

April Library Poetry Challenge Winners

April 2016 Library Poetry Challenge

Students were encouraged to celebrate National Poetry Month by participating in three different poetry contests. Students who entered had the chance to win Scholastic dollars to use at the Spring Book Fair. All participants received a free poster for their effort.

Congratulations to our Melissa Middle School winners!

Spine Poetry: Used spine of books to create an original poem.

  • 1st Place: Toby Hopson, 6th grade
  • 2nd Place: Seth Phillips, 7th grade
  • 3rd Place: Brandon Christensen, 7th grade

Original Poetry: Used writer’s craft to create an original poem.

  • 1st Place: Rosa Cisneros, 7th grade
  • 2nd Place: Aubrey Bell, 7th grade
  • 3rd Place: Mackenzie Wilkie, 7th grade

Original Bookmark: Used artistic skills to draw an original bookmark.

  • 1st Place: Emma Downie, 8th grade
  • 2nd Place: Asrtid Easton, 7th grade
  • 3rd Place: Annabelle Brown, 7th grade
April Library Poetry Challenge Winners - MMS

Spring 2016 Book Fair

MRI/MMS had the final book fair of the year: Lights, Camera, Action, Read! During the week of April 25-29, students and their families came out to enjoy a free slush, popcorn, and the opportunity to stock up on new books for summer vacation. Family Night was Tuesday, April 26.

Wrapping Up In May & Summer 2016 Activities

This month the library is wrapping up for the school year, but not for summer! The Summer Reading Challenge is just around the corner. MRI students will be informed on Mon, May 23 during their lunches, and MMS students will be informed before school lets out in their reading classes, about the Summer Reading Challenge.

This year, Melissa schools are working with the Melissa Public Library to help encourage and promote summer reading. The Summer Reading Challenge starts Saturday, June 11. All you have to do is read 700 minutes between June 11 and August 13 and log your hours. By doing this, you can earn free prizes from the public library and an ice cream party at the beginning of the year from your librarian, Mrs. Montgomery.

Register & Access Reading Log Summer Reading Incentives   
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