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2018-19 Parent Information Presentations: 6th Grade | 7th & 8th Grade

2018-19 Student Handbook

2018-19 Student Code of Conduct

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Off-Campus Physical Education (OCPE)

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Student Expectations Guide

2017-18 Student Success Initiative (SSI):

For health and nursing related procedures and forms, please visit the Health Services page, located under Departments in the main menu, or click on the button below.

Health Services

Acceptable Use of District Technology Resources

The information below can also be found in the 2018-19 Student Handbook, page 54.

District-owned technology resources for instructional purposes may be issued to individual students. Use of these technological resources, which include the district’s network systems and use of district equipment, is restricted to approved purposes only. Students and parents will be asked to sign a user agreement (separate from this handbook) regarding use of these district resources. Violations of the user agreement may result in withdrawal of privileges and other disciplinary action.

2018-19 Bell Schedule

1st 8:38 – 9:26
2nd 9:30 – 10:18
3rd 10:22 – 11:12
4th 11:16 – 12:04
5th 12:08 – 1:34
A Lunch 12:04 – 12:34
B Lunch 12:34 – 1:04
C Lunch 1:04 – 1:34
6th 1:38 – 2:26
7th 2:30 – 3:18
8th 3:22 – 4:10
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